Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Cat is Sick | Day 2 | The Graceful Mist

Hello readers,

Yesterday, my cat namely "Kat-Kat", seemed like she was really sick so she was injected with dextrose and was confined in the veterinary clinic. This afternoon, I was able to get her from the clinic.

Her medicines were given to her but the doctor said she had a seizure at midnight. Her dextrose was still on when I got her so it was a good idea to get a carrier for her already.

As suggested, we went back to the first veterinary clinic we went to for another consultation. He gave me antibiotics to be given to my cat twice a day for 10 days. One of the assistants showed me how to put it in her mouth.

When I tried inserting a pea-sized amount inside her mouth, I was quite concerned because I couldn`t see clearly how much I gave her because she wasn`t opening her mouth just like what she has been doing every time somebody tries to open her mouth. Hopefully, it was just right. What`s concerning was when she started salivating because she doesn`t normally salivate.

After a few hours of sleeping, she sat for quite a long time. Whenever she`s about to fall, she`ll get back up to her sitting position.

After giving her antibiotics, her dirty blue towel was replaced with a new one. She still doesn`t drink the water that was slowly being offered to her. She still doesn`t eat as well.

So far, she can sometimes open her left eye which she couldn`t normally open wide in the past few days. She`s still supported by Dextrose. She barely walk or sit, but she can still sit, stand, and walk but I haven`t heard her make noise, not even a soft "meow!". Hopefully, she`s alright. I pray and hope that she`ll get better in the next few days.

Why do you think she`s salivating? If you have a pet, does he/she salivate too?

Thank you for reading. Have a nice life.

- Graceful Mist

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