Sunday, September 7, 2014

One Step at a Time: Starting a Change

Hello dear readers,

Today is another time for the weekly series in this blog called "One Step at a Time". It`s a weekly post that`ll tackle about the realizations, reflections or lessons I pondered over during that week. The topics are broad. From beauty to life lessons, there will be great things you can learn from. You can also read more about "One Step at a Time" in the introduction post that I wrote.

Now this week`s topic is "Starting a Change". Because we experience so many changes in our lives, the statement "Starting a Change" may seem very redundant to a lot of us. As the common saying goes, "the only permanent thing in this world is change". Despite this, we shouldn`t stop trying to become the best person we can be. In this world, the more we strive, the better our lives will be.

Making and starting a change doesn`t necessarily have to be hard. It may require:

1.) Open mindedness

To make and start a change, we must be open to the idea of changing. In order to allow ourselves to change, we must have the willingness to do so.

2.) Guidance

Whatever change we would like to make, we must carefully think whether it`s also the right choice. Not all kinds of changes are for the better. Proper guidance and help from family, close friends and God will help us make wise and right decisions.

3.) Preparations

To make a change, we must be prepared to face any circumstances that may come. Challenges in life are inevitable despite current on-going changes, so being physically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared will help us in any obstacle we may stumble upon along the way.

4.) Determination

To make effective and efficient changes, we must be determined to get rid of things that doesn`t influence us positively, and to add things in our life that will help us in our life`s journey.

5.) Perseverance

There are times that making changes in our lives requires great diligence in order to attain our goals. Being hardworking, patient, still, and focused will help us keep working to make great and life-changing things in our journey.

6.) Consistency

Even if we`re determined and diligent, if we`re not consistent with what we do, most likely we won`t easily be able to attain the goals we have in mind through changing. Being consistent will effectively help us in making amazing changes in our lives.

Making changes in our lives can be a long process that`s why it`s important to have great faith in whatever goals and aspirations we may have in life.

Since this post`s about starting and making a change, I would like to announce that this blog may be unavailable to the public for some time. Anything in this blog will stop including this weekly series unless otherwise stated.

In order to make big changes, small changes are necessary. It would be nice to make some changes for the better. Hopefully, things will work out really well. I hope you`ll understand the break. This blog will be unavailable 2 days after the date this post was published. It won`t be long until this blog`s back up and running again. Please keep updated through Graceful Mist`s social media profiles which will remain up. Thank you.

If you have any comments, requests, suggestions, and/or questions, please leave them in the comments` section of this blog post. Thank you.

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