Friday, September 5, 2014

My Cat is Sick | Graceful Mist

Hello readers,

A few days ago, my Siamese cat namely "Kat-Kat", seemed like she wasn`t feeling very well. We noticed that she wasn`t feeling "normal" and that she wasn`t eating and was barely drinking. She has always been really quiet but these past few days, it was a bit different.

When I observed her in the past few days, I noticed that her left eye`s always closed. I thought the other cat scratched her in the eye. Earlier, when I went to see her again, I noticed a green liquid in her nose which is probably mucus.

After school, I searched about veterinary clinics around. I found convenient ones, but since it was already late in the afternoon, we had to go to one that`s still open. Even though I knew it would probably be quite expensive, I felt bad and guilty because Kat-Kat had been a good and nice company for years. It`s saddening to see her sick. Since I don`t have a carrier for her, I put on a blue towel around her.

We went to the veterinary clinic for consultation. And after several trials to have her mouth opened, the doctor thought there was something in her throat because she wasn`t eating and was barely drinking. He recommended us to another clinic that has x-ray machine because he couldn`t examine her mouth/throat. He also recommended to have her injected with dextrose.

On the way to the other veterinary clinic, I and Kat-Kat rode the taxi because she didn`t have a carrier to keep her nice and safe. In the photo above, Kat-Kat seemed very cozy but in reality it seemed like she was feeling quite weak. She didn`t smell nice as well.

She finally had an x-ray. It turned out she doesn`t have anything in her throat but she has terrible cough and she is very dehydrated as well. The doctor said it`s almost close to pneumonia. He also recommended to have her injected with dextrose and confined for a few days until she`s fully hydrated. Based on the x-ray, he also said that because she`s too dehydrated because she wasn`t eating and drinking for a few days, there`s so much air in her stomach. After a short discussion, we decided to have her confined for a day to see how it goes. The doctor said it`s okay and we can get her the next day to have her checked in the first veterinary clinic we went to. He said that the main goal is to hydrate her.

After signing a few papers, her foot was injected with dextrose.

After being injected, she was then moved to her "hospital bed".

Even medical bills for pets are indeed quite expensive. It was definitely saddening that she is sick. I hope and pray that she`ll recover, be healthy, hydrated and well. The results of these efforts are yet to be found.

What do you think of my cat? Did any of your pets experienced being really ill? I would like to know your thoughts. Thank you.

Thank you for reading. I hope all is well for everyone.

- Graceful Mist

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