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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blog Sale - Original and New Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

Hello dear readers,

How are you? As for me, I recently tried to clean my room and get things organized. I found some things I don`t use like the Longchamp Le Pliage bag,  and several books, bags, clothes, and knickknacks. I would like to sell them because I don`t think I`ll really be using them. For this post, I`ll share the photos of the Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag.

Longchamp Le Pliage Bag - Rose

This Longchamp bag is original and new. It has never been used even once. I got this a few months ago. (To spot whether this bag is fake or authentic, you can refer to these posts by other bloggers: How To Spot A Fake Longchamp “Le Pliage” tote: The Super Guide and HOW TO SPOT: LONGCHAMP).

This bag doesn`t go out of style. It` very functional since it`s spacious and waterproof.


 This is the Longchamp bag inside the plastic the came with is. It was folded properly and nicely inside.
 This is the back of the bag while inside the plastic.
This is the front flap of the bag. According to the Snobaffair site, an original Le Pliage bag has a diamond pattern which this bag has. Also, it has dark and light sides. The dark parts usually shows more of the diamond shape while the light parts are usually the outer lining of the diamond shapes.

An original bag also has a "dent" of the logo from the front flap`s mark. This one has an indented mark as you can see below the snap button of the inner flap.

This is a photo without flash to show the words LONGCHAMP LE PLIAGE TYPE "S" - MODELE DEPOSE.
Another indication that the bag`s authentic is by the engraved words at the bottom of the flap at the back of the bag.

The bottom of the flap at the back of the bag. This photo was taken with flash.

Real Le Pliage bags` handles are quite flat. Their sides are usually black/dark brown. The handles should look like folded leather straps with the division identifiable by the "straight line" in between the folded leather straps.

As you can see in the 2 photos of the handles above, the handles are quite flat. The "straight line" in between the folded leather is also visible and the diamond pattern can also be seen.

The "G" in the LONGCHAMP looks identifiable compared to the "C". The stitches are beige/light brown.


It has only one pocket inside.

Another indication that this bag is real is the transparent disc that`s reinforced in the snap button.

This is the Longchamp card that came with the bag.

Le Pliage bags are now manufactured not just in France but also in Tunisia and China. Even if a lot of Le Pliage bags nowadays weren`t made in France, they are still authentic and same in many aspects to those that were manufactured in France. To know more about the small differences between those that were made in France and those that were made in China, you may read The Beauty Junkee`s Post.

This bag`s made in China.

Summary (w/important information)

Brand Name: Longchamp
Type: S
Condition: High quality, brand new, and it has never been used.
Color: Rose/Pink
Authenticity: Original
Manufactured in: China
Measurements: Height - 8 1/4", width - 12 1/2" to 12 3/4" (The width isn`t exact because the bag isn`t perfectly straight at the sides.)

Thank you for viewing. Have a wonderful life. 

- Graceful Mist

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

One Step at a Time: Starting a Change

Hello dear readers,

Today is another time for the weekly series in this blog called "One Step at a Time". It`s a weekly post that`ll tackle about the realizations, reflections or lessons I pondered over during that week. The topics are broad. From beauty to life lessons, there will be great things you can learn from. You can also read more about "One Step at a Time" in the introduction post that I wrote.

Now this week`s topic is "Starting a Change". Because we experience so many changes in our lives, the statement "Starting a Change" may seem very redundant to a lot of us. As the common saying goes, "the only permanent thing in this world is change". Despite this, we shouldn`t stop trying to become the best person we can be. In this world, the more we strive, the better our lives will be.

Making and starting a change doesn`t necessarily have to be hard. It may require:

1.) Open mindedness

To make and start a change, we must be open to the idea of changing. In order to allow ourselves to change, we must have the willingness to do so.

2.) Guidance

Whatever change we would like to make, we must carefully think whether it`s also the right choice. Not all kinds of changes are for the better. Proper guidance and help from family, close friends and God will help us make wise and right decisions.

3.) Preparations

To make a change, we must be prepared to face any circumstances that may come. Challenges in life are inevitable despite current on-going changes, so being physically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared will help us in any obstacle we may stumble upon along the way.

4.) Determination

To make effective and efficient changes, we must be determined to get rid of things that doesn`t influence us positively, and to add things in our life that will help us in our life`s journey.

5.) Perseverance

There are times that making changes in our lives requires great diligence in order to attain our goals. Being hardworking, patient, still, and focused will help us keep working to make great and life-changing things in our journey.

6.) Consistency

Even if we`re determined and diligent, if we`re not consistent with what we do, most likely we won`t easily be able to attain the goals we have in mind through changing. Being consistent will effectively help us in making amazing changes in our lives.

Making changes in our lives can be a long process that`s why it`s important to have great faith in whatever goals and aspirations we may have in life.

Since this post`s about starting and making a change, I would like to announce that this blog may be unavailable to the public for some time. Anything in this blog will stop including this weekly series unless otherwise stated.

In order to make big changes, small changes are necessary. It would be nice to make some changes for the better. Hopefully, things will work out really well. I hope you`ll understand the break. This blog will be unavailable 2 days after the date this post was published. It won`t be long until this blog`s back up and running again. Please keep updated through Graceful Mist`s social media profiles which will remain up. Thank you.

If you have any comments, requests, suggestions, and/or questions, please leave them in the comments` section of this blog post. Thank you.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Cat is Sick | Day 2 | The Graceful Mist

Hello readers,

Yesterday, my cat namely "Kat-Kat", seemed like she was really sick so she was injected with dextrose and was confined in the veterinary clinic. This afternoon, I was able to get her from the clinic.

Her medicines were given to her but the doctor said she had a seizure at midnight. Her dextrose was still on when I got her so it was a good idea to get a carrier for her already.

As suggested, we went back to the first veterinary clinic we went to for another consultation. He gave me antibiotics to be given to my cat twice a day for 10 days. One of the assistants showed me how to put it in her mouth.

When I tried inserting a pea-sized amount inside her mouth, I was quite concerned because I couldn`t see clearly how much I gave her because she wasn`t opening her mouth just like what she has been doing every time somebody tries to open her mouth. Hopefully, it was just right. What`s concerning was when she started salivating because she doesn`t normally salivate.

After a few hours of sleeping, she sat for quite a long time. Whenever she`s about to fall, she`ll get back up to her sitting position.

After giving her antibiotics, her dirty blue towel was replaced with a new one. She still doesn`t drink the water that was slowly being offered to her. She still doesn`t eat as well.

So far, she can sometimes open her left eye which she couldn`t normally open wide in the past few days. She`s still supported by Dextrose. She barely walk or sit, but she can still sit, stand, and walk but I haven`t heard her make noise, not even a soft "meow!". Hopefully, she`s alright. I pray and hope that she`ll get better in the next few days.

Why do you think she`s salivating? If you have a pet, does he/she salivate too?

Thank you for reading. Have a nice life.

- Graceful Mist

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Friday, September 5, 2014

My Cat is Sick | Graceful Mist

Hello readers,

A few days ago, my Siamese cat namely "Kat-Kat", seemed like she wasn`t feeling very well. We noticed that she wasn`t feeling "normal" and that she wasn`t eating and was barely drinking. She has always been really quiet but these past few days, it was a bit different.

When I observed her in the past few days, I noticed that her left eye`s always closed. I thought the other cat scratched her in the eye. Earlier, when I went to see her again, I noticed a green liquid in her nose which is probably mucus.

After school, I searched about veterinary clinics around. I found convenient ones, but since it was already late in the afternoon, we had to go to one that`s still open. Even though I knew it would probably be quite expensive, I felt bad and guilty because Kat-Kat had been a good and nice company for years. It`s saddening to see her sick. Since I don`t have a carrier for her, I put on a blue towel around her.

We went to the veterinary clinic for consultation. And after several trials to have her mouth opened, the doctor thought there was something in her throat because she wasn`t eating and was barely drinking. He recommended us to another clinic that has x-ray machine because he couldn`t examine her mouth/throat. He also recommended to have her injected with dextrose.

On the way to the other veterinary clinic, I and Kat-Kat rode the taxi because she didn`t have a carrier to keep her nice and safe. In the photo above, Kat-Kat seemed very cozy but in reality it seemed like she was feeling quite weak. She didn`t smell nice as well.

She finally had an x-ray. It turned out she doesn`t have anything in her throat but she has terrible cough and she is very dehydrated as well. The doctor said it`s almost close to pneumonia. He also recommended to have her injected with dextrose and confined for a few days until she`s fully hydrated. Based on the x-ray, he also said that because she`s too dehydrated because she wasn`t eating and drinking for a few days, there`s so much air in her stomach. After a short discussion, we decided to have her confined for a day to see how it goes. The doctor said it`s okay and we can get her the next day to have her checked in the first veterinary clinic we went to. He said that the main goal is to hydrate her.

After signing a few papers, her foot was injected with dextrose.

After being injected, she was then moved to her "hospital bed".

Even medical bills for pets are indeed quite expensive. It was definitely saddening that she is sick. I hope and pray that she`ll recover, be healthy, hydrated and well. The results of these efforts are yet to be found.

What do you think of my cat? Did any of your pets experienced being really ill? I would like to know your thoughts. Thank you.

Thank you for reading. I hope all is well for everyone.

- Graceful Mist

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sip - Green Milk Tea

Hello dear readers,

Sip is a milk tea store with several branches in the country. Months ago, I first tried their Chocolate Milk Tea. At first, the taste has taken me aback but after drinking a few milk teas, I got used to the tastes. I now appreciate the blend of tea and milk.

The drink in the photo is the green milk tea in large. It costs Php 80.00. As far as I know, this is the 2nd time I tasted Sip`s green milk tea. Since I`m already used to the taste of milk teas, I liked the taste of this one. There`s just a right amount of blend. It tasted way better because of the pearls/sago. Like most times, it was nice to "chew" the pearls/sago while drinking the milk tea because pearls complement milk teas well just like the way they complement shakes.

As far as I`m aware, the third photo above was taken when I first tasted Sip`s green milk tea. What`s quite funny is, coincidentally, I still chose a violet straw the second time I tasted their green milk tea because they didn`t have a big pink straw and I also got another leaflet from Sip store. The third photo looks like it was taken the same time the second photo was taken.

At the back of the plastic cup, there`s an incomplete sentence that says "You are awesome ______". It was hip of them to have those words placed there even though they didn`t really write my name.

Just like what I nicely said in my other post about Sip`s place, it`s a good little place to stay and do some little work like studying, blogging, or organizing paper works. Even though it was a little milk tea place, they have WiFi so while enjoying milk tea, the customers can get connected to the internet. The store doesn`t have doors or barriers so it`s open and  I could definitely sense the noise. The steps, chatters, talking salesmen and women were all perceptible. Though the experience of others may be different from mine since there are several branches of Sip in the country, most of their stores are located inside the mall so my experience compared to others may also be close.

On the positive side, inside the store`s very cold despite it being wide open. It`s colder than the regular temperature outside Sip. In this tropical country, air-conditioners are well liked and sought after so this can be a positive factor for many milk tea lovers since not all milk tea stores have nice air-conditioning.

Here`s a list of their products including the prices:

Flavored Tea (just tea, no milk)

 green tea, black tea (M - Php 65.00, L - 75.00)
 passionfruit, mango, lychee, strawberry, blueberry, lemon, wintermelon (M - Php 85.00, L - Php 95.00)
 yakult, lemon yakult, lychee yakult, raspberry yakult (L - Php 105.00)

Milk Tea

♡ green milk tea, milk tea (M - Php 70.00, L - Php 80.00)

♡ caramel milk tea, chocolate milk tea, mango milk tea, strawberry milk tea, hazelnut milk tea, honey milk tea (M - Php 90.00, L - Php 100.00)


♡ citreat (L - Php 125.00)
♡ roasted lemon bush (M - Php 100.00, L - Php 115.00)
♡ himalayan (M - Php 100.00, L - Php 115.00)
♡ handmade taro (M - Php 100.00, L - Php 110.00)


♡ chicken chop (Php 85.00)
♡ veggie spring rolls, 3 pcs. (Php 75.00)
♡ honeycomb waffle (Php 80.00)

They also offer free additional topping excluding the pearls/sago that already came with the drink.


♡ If you plan to stay inside the store for awhile, bring a cardigan or any clothing item to keep you warm.

♡ If it`s your first time to buy from this store, they`ll most likely give you a frequency card with 2 cute stamps which will entitle you to a free upgrade or freebie when you complete a certain number of stamps. Keep this frequency card in case you might want to go back and buy from their store again so you can avail the free upgrade or freebie.

All in all, I`ve been liking the Sip store and their milk teas. The store`s accessible and their products seems quite fine. 

Have you tried one of their milk teas? You may share your thoughts in the comments` section below.

Thank you for reading. I hope you`ll have a blessed life! 

- Graceful Mist

If you have any comments, suggestions, requests, and/or questions, please leave them in the comments` section of this blog post. Thank you.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

One Step at a Time: Be Still

Life can often be a chaotic journey. With the ups and downs of life, it can be quite hard to know how to be calm and strong despite the raging seas. There are things in this world we don`t know how to handle. Because of this, there are many uncertainties in our lives which can be very bothersome. And because of these uncertainties, being harmonious, focused and patient are difficult things to do especially when we`re battling with our own selves.

Being still will benefit us physically, emotionally, spiritually and even financially. Being still will help us to ease our bodies from the stress and fatigue we could`ve experienced if we were anxious and distressed. It`ll calm our minds not to worry too much. It will help us think clearly and properly because our minds are at a tranquil state. It`ll also help us get to know more God in a non-aggresive way. We`ll be able to grow quite peacefully in our spiritual walks. Being still will not only help our bodies, minds and souls, but it will also help us with our financial matters. If a person`s physically capable, emotionally stable and well founded in his/her spiritual beliefs, other aspects of life like financial health will follow along a person`s whole being.

Being still doesn`t literally mean don`t make any actions. Being still means being prepared, having the right mindset and having the appropriate behaviors to face any situation in life. A person who`s still can often be characterized as patient, wise, assertive, and prepared.

Life is indeed short. Time flies by so fast that one day we`ll wake up in the realization that we could`ve lost so much of our time. Therefore, we must enjoy it to the fullest and be still because everything will be alright.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” - Psalms 46:10 (NIV)

Have a blessed life.

- Graceful Mist

Sunday, August 24, 2014

One Step at a Time: Saving and Spending Money

Hello dear readers,

A lot of us might have experienced financial complications already regardless of ethnicity, gender and even economic status in life.  Financial difficulties often occur because of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons are unexpected expenses, overspending, improper financial management and discontentment in life. Proper saving and spending of money are essential to help prevent and aid these financial difficulties.

For us teenagers, it can be quite hard to manage money especially if most of the money that we have are from our allowance. With the extensive products and services the market has to offer, it can be quite hard not to be persuaded. This week, I realized a lot of things regarding financial matters. Some of them are listed below: