Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blog Sale - Original and New Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

Hello dear readers,

How are you? As for me, I recently tried to clean my room and get things organized. I found some things I don`t use like the Longchamp Le Pliage bag,  and several books, bags, clothes, and knickknacks. I would like to sell them because I don`t think I`ll really be using them. For this post, I`ll share the photos of the Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag.

Longchamp Le Pliage Bag - Rose

This Longchamp bag is original and new. It has never been used even once. I got this a few months ago. (To spot whether this bag is fake or authentic, you can refer to these posts by other bloggers: How To Spot A Fake Longchamp “Le Pliage” tote: The Super Guide and HOW TO SPOT: LONGCHAMP).

This bag doesn`t go out of style. It` very functional since it`s spacious and waterproof.


 This is the Longchamp bag inside the plastic the came with is. It was folded properly and nicely inside.
 This is the back of the bag while inside the plastic.
This is the front flap of the bag. According to the Snobaffair site, an original Le Pliage bag has a diamond pattern which this bag has. Also, it has dark and light sides. The dark parts usually shows more of the diamond shape while the light parts are usually the outer lining of the diamond shapes.

An original bag also has a "dent" of the logo from the front flap`s mark. This one has an indented mark as you can see below the snap button of the inner flap.

This is a photo without flash to show the words LONGCHAMP LE PLIAGE TYPE "S" - MODELE DEPOSE.
Another indication that the bag`s authentic is by the engraved words at the bottom of the flap at the back of the bag.

The bottom of the flap at the back of the bag. This photo was taken with flash.

Real Le Pliage bags` handles are quite flat. Their sides are usually black/dark brown. The handles should look like folded leather straps with the division identifiable by the "straight line" in between the folded leather straps.

As you can see in the 2 photos of the handles above, the handles are quite flat. The "straight line" in between the folded leather is also visible and the diamond pattern can also be seen.

The "G" in the LONGCHAMP looks identifiable compared to the "C". The stitches are beige/light brown.


It has only one pocket inside.

Another indication that this bag is real is the transparent disc that`s reinforced in the snap button.

This is the Longchamp card that came with the bag.

Le Pliage bags are now manufactured not just in France but also in Tunisia and China. Even if a lot of Le Pliage bags nowadays weren`t made in France, they are still authentic and same in many aspects to those that were manufactured in France. To know more about the small differences between those that were made in France and those that were made in China, you may read The Beauty Junkee`s Post.

This bag`s made in China.

Summary (w/important information)

Brand Name: Longchamp
Type: S
Condition: High quality, brand new, and it has never been used.
Color: Rose/Pink
Authenticity: Original
Manufactured in: China
Measurements: Height - 8 1/4", width - 12 1/2" to 12 3/4" (The width isn`t exact because the bag isn`t perfectly straight at the sides.)

Thank you for viewing. Have a wonderful life. 

- Graceful Mist

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