Monday, August 11, 2014

Nails of The Day - Sassy`s Regular Almond

Hello lovely readers,

For the nails of the day, I have on Sassy`s Regular Almond. Sassy`s Regular Almond is a nice and beautiful color. It is 7ml for Php 19.00. It can be bought at Watsons personal care stores, Mercury Drug stores and at the beauty sections of most department stores.

First, I applied 1 coat of Bobbie`s base coat. Second, I applied 1 coat of Sassy`s Regular Almond. Third, after waiting for this to dry, I applied another coat of this nail polish so that the color won`t be sheer but solid in the nails. Fourth, I applied Caronia`s Fast-Dry Top Coat which dried in about 1-5 minuted. And last, I sprayed Beauty Formula`s Nail Dry to quickly have dry nails (I hope to publish a review about this product soon).

Products used (with ratings):

♡ Sassy`s Regular Almond - 7/10
♡ Bobbie`s Base Coat - 7/10
♡ Caronia`s Fast-Dry Top Coat - 7/10
♡ Beauty Formula`s Nail Dry - 7/10

This nail color`s a great one because it is neutral and it can be paired with different looks. It`s also subtle and it doesn`t sting the eye because it is mild. On the other hand, the nail polish didn`t/won`t last very long because it chipped immediately.

All in all, the nails for today will most likely look nice just for today because it doesn`t stay perfectly polished for a long time. Nevertheless, the nail color brightens the day.

What do you think of this nail color? You may share your comments below!

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely life! 

- Graceful Mist

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